Our Priests


Current Priests:

  • Fr. George Shahwan
  • Fr. Bolus Al-Alam
  • Fr. Yousef Al-Hodali

Priests who served in Beit Jala and outside (orignally from Beit Jala) and passed away:

  • Fr. Nasri Khoury (1841-1941)
  • Fr. Issa Abu Amsha (1865-1945)
  • Fr. Nicodimos Abu Amsha (1872-1957)
  • Fr. Saliba Ziedan (1876-1969)
  • Fr. Saba Zeidan (1903-1980)
  • Fr. Isaac Tuma (? - 1907)
  • Fr. Michael Qassis (? - 1914)
  • Fr. Jeries Tuma (? - 1935)
  • Fr. Bishara Abu Sada (1869-1937)
  • Fr. Issa Zu'rob (1870-1962)
  • Fr. Karim Awwad (? - 1967)
  • Fr. Elias Al-Shair (1920-1977)
  • Fr. Yacoub Rabie (1928-2005)
  • Fr. Nicola Sima'n 


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Quote for today

A man can never learn what divine power is while he abides in comfort and spacious living. St. Isaac the Syrian,  Homily 72

Orthodox Church in Beit Jala

It is held by many Beit Jalans that there has been a continual Christian presence in the city since almost the birth of the Christian faith. The large columns of the Church the Nativity in Bethlehem are said to have been carved from the hills of Beit Jala while Saint Nicholas of Myra, a beloved 4th century saint in both Eastern and Western Christianity whose pious deeds and miracles gave rise to the modern legend of Santa Claus.

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